Office of Board Chair

Kathryn Lincoln
Board Chair and Chief Investment Officer

Mia Stier
Director, Investment and Board Management


George McCarthy
President and Chief Executive Officer

Enrique Silva
Chief Program Officer

Maureen Clarke
Chief Content Officer

Katie Grace Deane
Chief Operating Officer

Vinod Parmeshwar
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer


Robin Austin
Project Coordinator of Land Conservation

Amy Cotter
Director of Climate Strategies

Peter Colohan
Director, Federal Strategies

Libertad Figuereo
Policy Analyst

Jim Gray
Senior Fellow, Office of the President

Jessie Grogan
Associate Director of Reduced Poverty & Spatial Inequality

Maya Hamberg
Research and Administrative Assistant

Ryan Maye Handy
Policy Analyst

Heather Hannon
Associate Director of Planning Practice & Scenario Planning

Daniel Janzow
Research and Administrative Assistant, Manufactured Housing

Gan Jin
Associate Director of China Program

Haegi Kwon
Research Analyst

Adam Langley
Associate Director of Tax Policy

Jim Levitt
Director of International Land Conservation Network

Zhi Liu
Senior Fellow and Director of China Program

Anacláudia Marinheiro Centeno Rossbach
Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

R.J. McGrail
Senior Research Fellow, Office of the President

Laura Mullahy
Program Manager of Special Projects

Darla Munroe
Director of Research

Semida Munteanu
Associate Director of Valuation and Land Markets

Chandni Navalkha
Associate Director of Sustainably Managed Land & Water Resources

Lorelei Papoiu
Research Assistant

Bethany Paquin
Senior Research Analyst

Luis Quintanilla Tamez
Policy Analyst

Lily Robinson
Project Coordinator

Veronica Schmidt-Chang
Associate Director, Office of the President

Xinrui Shi
Associate Director of Comparative Land Policy and Law

Ben Starrett
Senior Advisor, Resource Development

Yonhui Um
Senior Policy and Legal Analyst

Patrick Welch
Policy Analyst

Arica Young
Associate Director, Underserved Mortgage Markets Coalition (UMMC) and Innovations in Manufactured Homes Network (I'm Home)

Joan Youngman
Senior Fellow & Chair of Valuation and Taxation

Sydney Zelinka
Research Analyst and Program Manager

Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy

John Farner
Executive Director

Nina Gruber
Administrative Manager

Kristen Keener Busby
Associate Director for Practice and Partnerships

Nike Opejin
Program Manager

Paula Randolph
Associate Director

Zach Sugg
Associate Director for Research

Center for Community Investment

Zev Alexander
Communications Associate

Nora Bloch
Initiative Director

Tirzah Camacho
Program Manager, Network Weaving

Omar Carillo Tinajero
Director of Partnerships and Initiatives

Yerin Cho
Program Manager, Connecting Capital and Community

Ashlee Cunningham
Initiative Director

Benji Fitten
Program Assistant, Leadership Development

Robin Hacke
Executive Director

Robert Harris
Initiative Director

Janelle Julien
Director of Communications

Makayla Lorick
Program Manager, Leadership Development

Jacques Page
Director of Finance and Operations

Kevin Progar
Initiative Director

Jennifer So Godzeno
Director of Leadership Development

Angelika Sullivan
Program Assistant

Stephanie Walker
Program Assistant, Leadership Development

Center for Geospatial Solutions

Jeff Allenby
Director of Geospatial Technology

Margaret Atkinson
Senior Analyst

Chaz Baculi
Geospatial Analyst

Reina Chano Murray
Associate Director

Jacob Czawlytko
Senior Analyst

John Paul "JP" Miller
Associate Director

Kyle Onda
Director, Internet of Water

Anne Scott
Executive Director

Faith Sternlieb
Associate Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Internet of Water

Benjamin Webb
Software Developer 2, Internet of Water

Emily Wiggans
Senior Analyst, Internet of Water

Publications, Communications, and Learning Design

Catherine Benedict
Digital Communications Manager

Luzmín Fernández-Saldaña
Manager of Customer Relationship Management System

Amy Finch
Copy Editor

Anthony Flint
Senior Fellow

Hannah Frith
Program Associate

Jon Gorey
Staff Writer

Anne Hazel
Associate Director of Web and Data Technology

Dakin Henderson
Associate Director of Video

Diego Lomelli Trejo
Junior Instructional Designer and Researcher

Leigh Mantoni Stewart
Senior Graphic Designer

Kristina McGeehan
Director of Communications

Emily McKeigue
Managing Editor

Susan Pace
Marketing Automation Manager

Jennifer L. Sigler
Senior Editor

Sue Sours
Director of User Experience

Ge Vue
Director of Learning Design

Katharine Wroth
Senior Editor

Administration, Human Resources, IT, and Operations

Jyl Alampay
Event Manager

Kate Austermiller
Associate Director of Events

Mariana Babine
Human Resource Specialist

Laura Bernstein
Event Manager

Margaret Brady
Senior Fundraising Analyst

Peter Casey
Office Support Assistant

Mike Corricelli
Help Desk Technician

Susan Gennaco
Office Support Coordinator, Administration

Xavier Hicks
Payroll and AP Manager

Janice Huang

Elaine Huff
Contracts Manager

Shirlynn Jones
Events Manager & Office Support

Lizzie Kazan
Director of Finance

Scott Kinkade
Director of Technology

Karen Liao
Associate Director, Administration and Facilities

Qiong Liu

Jenna Martin
Director of Legal Compliance

Stephanie Peña
Program and Events Manager

Ellen Stepansky
Director of Human Resources

Chris Wall
Network Support Specialist