Mayor's Desk

“The book provides inspiration and support for mayors and by extension politicians all over the world in their struggle for a more daring policy in the field of equity, social justice, climate change, affordable housing, and transportation.”



Distributed by Columbia University Press, our publications promote the Lincoln Institute’s mission of integrating theory and practice to inform public policy decisions worldwide.

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Land Lines magazine cover image showing houses along stormy waters in Seattle.

Land Lines

Current Issue: April 2024

This issue explores cities rethinking street surfaces in response to climate change, factors influencing home buyers to consider climate risk, the work of Seattle’s Black Home Initiative to address affordability and inequity, and more. 



Our books present deep, comprehensive examinations of critical land-use issues by global experts in city and regional planning, urban economics, and conservation.

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Policy Focus Reports & Briefs

Our Policy Focus Reports deliver concise, evidence-based recommendations for policymakers, local leaders, students, and scholars, as well as concerned citizens.

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Working & Conference Papers

Conference and working papers offer a wealth of seminal scholarly research on the use, taxation, and stewardship of land.

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Other Publications

We also produce a variety of other short-form publications, including annual studies, fact sheets, and Policy Downloads.

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Recent Publications

Mayor’s Desk
By Anthony Flint with a foreword by Michael Bloomberg and afterword by Angela D. Brooks


Local Government

Working Paper Cover
California Water and Agriculture
Catherine Van Dyke

Working Papers


Property Tax in Asia
Edited by William McCluskey, Roy Bahl, and Riël Franzsen


Property Tax

Working Paper Cover
Moving Beyond Conventional Economic Development Practice
Haegi Kwon, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Working Papers

Economic Development

Infrastructure Economics and Policy
Edited by José A. Gómez-Ibáñez and Zhi Liu



Working Paper Cover
Anticipated but Unpredictable
Terry Schwarz, Joseph Schilling, Violet Sulka/Hewes, Catherine Tumber, and Nicholas B. Rajkovich

Working Papers

Climate Change

Working Paper Cover
Equity in Green Infrastructure
Nathaniel R. Mattison and Kyle McKenney

Working Papers


Megaregions and America’s Future
Robert D. Yaro, Ming Zhang, and Frederick R. Steiner


City and Regional Planning

Learning Resources

We offer case studies, courses, and tools in a variety of formats that apply the learnings and recommendations produced by our research.


This online self-paced course provides an overview of how local governments in the U.S. raise and spend money for the public services and infrastructure that are foundational to a high quality of life.


Scenario Planning 101


This course introduces you to Scenario Planning, a planning process that will enable you to create responsive plans that can adapt to unexpected changes.


Students will review the legal principles, valuation methods, and federal tax provisions associated with conservation easements, while gaining insights from real-world examples.

Case Studies

Our case studies examine questions and issues related to land policy by highlighting specific instances that offer insightful perspectives.

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Instructional Videos

We have a library of instructional videos that break down complex topics and ideas into clear, digestible concepts.

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We offer in-person and online courses and professional development opportunities primarily in Latin America, and a small number of courses in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

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Our multimedia library includes episodes of our Land Matters podcast, recordings of our events, brief explainer videos, and documentary films related to our work.


Our two podcasts, Land Matters and Estación Ciudad, explore how better land use can help solve many of our biggest urban challenges, from climate change to infrastructure finance to affordable housing.

Videos & Webinar Recordings

We have a library of videos, including recordings of past events, courses, and webinars that can be used as educational resources.

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