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The Lincoln Institute has expertise on a wide range of land policy and related topics. Please browse the list of experts below, and direct media inquiries to our media contact.

Media Contact

Kristina McGeehan

Our Experts

George W. McCarthy

President and Chief Executive Officer

Expertise: housing, infrastructure, public finance, city and regional planning, urban development, global urbanization, regional governance

Headshot of Amy Cotter

Amy Cotter

Director of Climate Strategies

Expertise: city and regional planning, equity, gentrification, scenario planning, economic development, sustainability, climate change

Anthony Flint

Senior Fellow

Expertise: city and regional planning, equity, gentrification, affordable housing, economic development, infrastructure, sustainability, climate change

Adam H. Langley

Associate Director of Tax Policy

Expertise: property tax, business tax incentives, nonprofit tax exemption and payments in lieu of taxes, property tax relief for homeowners, public finance, revenue trends, fiscal data

A headshot of Jim Levitt

James N. Levitt

Director of the International Land Conservation Network

Expertise: land conservation, conservation finance, sustainability, climate change, land trusts, conservation easements

Zhi Liu

Senior Fellow and Director of the China Program

Expertise: infrastructure finance, municipal finance, urban development, housing policy, land policy in China

Headshot of RJ McGrail

Robert J. “R.J.” McGrail

Senior Research Fellow

Expertise: public finance, infrastructure, housing and economic development finance, community investment, urban development, equity, impact investing, governance, capital markets

Enrique Silva

Chief Program Officer

Expertise: city and regional planning, informal settlement (slums), land value capture, urban development in Latin America, urban governance

Joan Youngman

Senior Fellow and Chair, Department of Valuation and Taxation

Expertise: property tax, tax-increment financing, land value taxation, valuation, assessment, law, public finance

Headshot of John Farner

John Farner

Executive Director, Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy

Expertise: water, land use, agriculture, sustainability, climate change