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Our free quarterly magazine draws on Lincoln Institute research to explore land-based solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems. Connecting the dots between our expertise and major global challenges, Land Lines shows why land policy matters.

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Latest Issues

Land Lines, July 2018

This issue focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean, with features on community land trusts in Rio’s favelas, transit innovations in Latin America, and Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts, with an emphasis on rebuilding for greater resilience.

Land Lines, April 2018

This issue highlights the post-Hurricane Harvey policy changes under consideration in Houston as the prospect of more extreme weather looms, St. Louis’s efforts to integrate a federal spy center campus into its disinvested North Side, and tools for estimating the extent and value of urban trees. It also debuts the Mayor’s Desk interview with Lincoln Institute fellow Anthony Flint.

Portada de la edición de enero de 2018 de Land Lines

Land Lines, January 2018

This issue looks at the evolution of manufactured homes as a robust, desirable source of permanently affordable housing; innovative infill development in Portland, Boulder, Cambridge, and other hot-market cities; and capital absorption workshops that are helping to ease affordable housing shortages in Denver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Cover of the October 2017 Issue of Land Lines

Land Lines, October 2017

This issue celebrates the 10-year anniversary of the Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, with articles on GIS-assisted mass appraisal in Shenzhen, sponge cities, drones and land policy, conserving panda habitat, and WeChat Pay.

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