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University Real Estate Development

Campus Expansion in Urban Settings

Wim Wiewel and Kara Kunst

September 2007, English

University Real-Estate Development is a new area of academic and applied inquiry that explores the ways institutions of higher education expand outside of their traditional campus boundaries. The University Real-Estate Development (URED) database is a searchable collection of real-estate projects (URED projects) undertaken by urban colleges and universities outside of or on the periphery of traditional campus boundaries. URED projects are described using institutional demographics, project demographics, and a detailed narrative. Initial findings indicate that 37%, or 225 of 604 institutions researched are currently expanding outside of or on the periphery of their existing campus. The majority of institutions with URED projects, 115 or 52% of 225, had more than one URED project completed between 1998 and 2005.