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Management of Suburban Growth

Changes in Land Use and the Real Estate Market in the Area of Influence of the New International Airport of Quito, Ecuador

Andrea Carrión

October 2008, English

This study analyzes development policies in suburban areas of the city of Quito and the effects of these policies on land use and the real estate market during the period from 1997 to 2007, with particular emphasis on two trends in public activity. One concerns land planning and the construction of major infrastructure projects, with particular reference to the construction of the New International Airport of Quito. The second concerns the instruments used to collect revenues, finance public services, and promote local development, with particular emphasis on value capture instruments. The aim is to open the way for local debate on the effects of public projects and the mechanisms for redistributing the resulting profits, and also to contribute to achieve advances in the identification of urban land management policies.


Growth Management, Infrastructure, Land Use, Land Use Planning, Planning, Public Finance, Suburban, Value Capture