Chicago Skyway

Unleashing the Value of a Public Asset

Multimedia Case Study

This video teaching case study tells the story of the Chicago Skyway Toll bridge and how the city of Chicago endured years of complications before it turned the liability into a valuable asset. The purpose of this case study is to explain the evolution of a city asset and examine one option for monetizing that asset. This will enable students to critically assess the decisions made by the city throughout the story.

Students should consider the following questions when watching this video:

  1. What other options were available to the city besides leasing the Skyway?
    Do you think using the lease model of a public private partnership was the best way to deal with the Skyway?
    Where do you think the money from the lease went (e.g. was it used to plug a budget deficit, or was it used to fund city projects)?

Production Company: Skalawag Productions
Executive Producer: Mark Skala
Director/Producer: Monica Zinn
Producer: Kyle Goldhoff
Associate Producer: Bailey Synclaire
Director of Photography: Aaron Dolan
Editor: Aaron Dolan
Motion Graphics: Ryan Kelly
Archival Researcher: Juanita White
Drone Footage: Aaron Dolan
Project Supervisor: Dakin Henderson
Advisors: Ge Vue & Jenna DeAngelo Martin

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