Lincoln/Loeb Fellows, Current and Past


Scott Campbell
2014-2015 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Executive Director, Palmer Land Trust, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Scott Campbell has worked in conservation, preservation, economics, and community development in southern Colorado – where large cities and agricultural towns face radically juxtaposed trends of growth and decline due to consumptive land use patterns and competition for scarce water resources. Under his leadership, the Palmer Land Trust earned the Jane Silverstein Ries Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Award for Excellence from the El Pomar Foundation. Before his time at Palmer, he served in the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, under Colorado Governor Bill Owens. There, he led the team that launched Colorado’s Heritage Tourism Program – helping communities capitalize upon the more than $1.2 billion in natural and cultural resource preservation investments Colorado has made through the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund and the Colorado State Historical Fund. Colorado College recently awarded Scott the 2015 Livesay Award for Social Change. As a Lincoln Loeb Fellow, he has participated in community design and development projects in New England, the Gulf of Mexico, the Intermountain West, and Uttar Pradesh, India. He researches and lectures on river conservation in the Arkansas River Basin and other US watersheds.


Helen Lochhead
2013-2014 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Director of Strategic Developments, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Sydney, Australia
Helen Lochhead is an Australian architect and urban designer with more than 20 years of experience. Her career has focused on the inception, planning, and delivery of complex multidisciplinary projects ranging from a 5-year improvements program for the city of Sydney to major urban renewal and waterfront projects. In her current role as director of strategic developments for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, she is leading a 30-year plan for the staged transformation of Sydney Cove. She combines practice with teaching as an adjunct professor at Sydney University. During her fellowship, she is studying design, policy, and governance strategies that can deliver more sustainable climate-resilient coastal cities.


Lynn Richards
2012-2013 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Policy Director, Office of Sustainable Communities, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC
Lynn Richards has had a distinguished career as a policy maker at the Environmental Protection agency (EPA). Her work there has focused on storm water management issues, community engagement, and interagency cooperation. She has been instrumental in framing the national debate around the role of density and development as a storm water management practice. She has played a major role in the path-breaking efforts of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, US Department of Transportation, and EPA to coordinate important elements of their funding. She has taken the initiative to build linkages between these and other agencies in order to help break down the silos that separate otherwise closely linked elements of our built and natural environment. As the Lincoln/Loeb Fellow, Richards is studying regional and urban planning, and in particular the nexus between policy and regulation and community design.


Peter Park
2011-2012 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Planning Director, Denver, Colorado
Trained as an architect and urban designer, Peter Park is the planning director in Denver, Colorado. He previously served in a similar role in Milwaukee. He has presided over the development of a new form-based zoning ordinance for Denver and has also led extensive efforts to engage citizens in planning activities. During his fellowship, Peter will research new methods for engaging citizens in the planning process and explore opportunities for replacing urban freeways with boulevards in city centers.


Tim Stonor
2010-2011 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Managing Director, Space Syntax Limited, London, England
An architect and town planner, Tim Stonor established Space Syntax Limited in 1996 to build bridges between professional practice and academic research at University College London. The strategic consulting company specializes in evidence-based planning and design and now operates worldwide while retaining strong ties with UCL. Tim is a director of the Academy of Urbanism and served on the National Design Review Panel of the UK Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment. During his fellowship, Tim will study “fundamental urban sustainability,” and explore how common goals of “safer,” “healthier,” and “more economically productive” can be met through the collaboration of economists, financiers, planners, designers, and engineers.


Gil Kelley
2009-2010 Lincoln/Loeb Fellow

Independent urban and strategic planning consultant, Portland, Oregon
Gil Kelley is the former director of planning for the City of Portland, Oregon (2000-2009) and director of planning and development for the City of Berkeley, California (1988-1998). In Portland, he was tasked by the Mayor and Council to develop and lead a range of cross-agency initiatives for the long-term sustainability of the city as it accommodates substantial growth and change over the next several decades. He was responsible for developing plans for the South Waterfront and Pearl districts, and advancing a new framework for neighborhood planning built around the “20 minute neighborhood” and effective citizen engagement. In Berkeley, Mr. Kelly worked to revitalize the city’s waterfront, commercial corridors, and industrial areas, and to open city-university dialogue and coordination. He also consolidated permitting functions and prepared an economic development strategy for the City. Mr. Kelley is now an independent consultant and a senior research fellow at the Institute for Portland Metropolitan Studies at Portland State University. He lectures on climate change and urban form, municipal- and metropolitan-scale strategic planning, and downtown/waterfront revitalization. He teaches a class on planning and negotiation each fall at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands for senior-level European planning professionals.