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Transportation in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Jacob Koch, Luis Antonio Lindau, and Carlos David Nassi

May 2013, English

This paper presents findings on transportation patterns in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, based upon a survey of 2,000 residents in three favelas of diverse typology and geographic location. This study aims to fill a gap in the academic literature on transportation in informal or slum areas. Implications for policy are considered for how transportation investments can guide slum-upgrading programs and we highlight a knowledge gap in transportation planning for slum-upgrading programs. We analyze mobility index, vehicular ownership, non-motorized transportation, trip times and motives, and perceptions of road safety. We identify variations in travel both within and outside the favelas, and compare transportation use between residents of the formal city and the favelas.

Keywords: transportation, Rio de Janeiro, favelas, slum-upgrading, road safety


Economic Development, Favela, Inequality, Informal Land Markets, Planning, Poverty, Public Policy, Slum, Transportation, Urban Upgrading and Regularization