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State Government and Urban Revitalization

How States Can Foster Stronger, More Inclusive Cities

Alan Mallach

April 2017, English

There are few actions that an urban municipality can take to further revitalization which are not directly or potentially subject to state laws, policies, and practices; while this is widely known, it has rarely been systematically explored. This paper offers a framework for the detailed investigation of the role of state policy in urban revitalization, breaking down that role into five discrete elements of revitalization: fiscal and service delivery capacity; economic competitiveness; building a stronger housing market; building stronger neighborhoods and quality of life; building human capital; and exploring how different state policies either hinder or help localities pursue revitalization in each area, as well as how state policies do or do not further inclusivity and equity in the course of urban revitalization. Based on that analysis, the paper offers guiding principles for state policy to further inclusive revitalization, as well as sixteen action priorities for state governments seeking to make their cities stronger, more inclusive places.


Community Development, Economic Development, Housing, Local Government, Municipal Fiscal Health, Urban, Urban Development, Urban Revitalization