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Spatial Analysis of Priority Attention Housing (PAH) Development Projects in the Urban Area of Cali, Colombia

Jean-Claude Thill and Mauricio Quiñones Domínguez

February 2018, English

The objective of this paper is to examine potential neighborhood effects of Priority Attention Housing (PAH) projects in Cali, Colombia. Specifically, we capture effects of neighborhood-based housing interventions on housing quality, access to public infrastructure and public services, and other social amenities via the economic rent manifested through property value differentials across the urban area of Cali. Targeted PAH neighborhood-projects are: Barrio Taller – Potrero Grande, Altos de Santa Elena, and Urbanización Casas de Llano Verde. To this end, spatial-temporal hedonic econometric analysis is conducted. The analysis assesses welfare economic principles in relation to housing policy tools for overcoming poverty.


Housing, Poverty, Spatial Order