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The Rating of Crown Property in the UK

The Issues Past and Present

William J. McCluskey, David J. Tretton, and Caireen M. McCluskey

February 2014, English

Crown owned and occupied property is currently valued in accordance with normal valuation methods and principles. Since 2000, in the UK the various valuation agencies have been placing annual values for rating purposes (property tax) on all Crown property in accordance with standard valuation principles and practices.

The removal of Crown exemption has resulted in the “correct” valuation of unique and often iconic historic buildings. Whilst the buildings maybe old, historic and even iconic it is the use they are put to that is of importance from a valuation perspective. This paper has examined the historical setting of the Crown exemption and the rationale for its removal.

The paper then outlines the main methods of rating valuation as used in the UK and includes a section on the valuation of some historic and iconic building in England and Northern Ireland.

Keywords: Rating, UK, Crown exemption, valuation methods, valuation examples