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The Impact of University Campuses on Disperse Urban Contexts

Case Study of Brasillia, Brazil

Anamaria de Aragão with Costa Martins and Melchior Sawaya Neto

January 2007, English

This article analyses the impacts derived from the presence of university campuses on land and real estate markets in disperse contexts. Using as case studies the campuses of the University of Brasilia and the Catholic University of Brasilia, the article studies externalities mostly related to the wide accessibility of the campuses in terms of travel time. Using the concepts of magnet and enclave to describe the effects produced, the article examines impacts on land prices in areas from which the main flows to the universities come to determine the influence of universities at metropolitan level. Around the campuses, the nature of activities and land prices variation between 1991 and 2006 is analyzed to understand the effects at local level.