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Cover of the July 2020 issue of Land Lines

July 2020

This issue addresses the connections between land policy, public health, and racial justice, delving into topics including the history of biased housing policies, the future of density, and the applications of scenario planning in a pandemic.

Format: September 2020

November 2000

This issue explores the principal features and critical reform issues of Indiana’s property tax and assessment systems; new visions for regional planning in America; and spatially-based urban segregation patterns in metropolises around the world.

September 2000

This issue looks at the need to redevelop low-value brownfield properties that are often neglected in marginal U.S. urban communities; and land policy issues tied to traditions of patrimonialism and rigid land regulation in Latin America.

July 2000

This issue explores smart growth strategies, community development schemes, and other state planning methods used in the Northeast United States; as well as traditional approaches to land valuation and appraisal along with lessons from an Ohio county on new, computerized approaches to these mechanisms.  

May 2000

This issue looks at the effects of urban growth controls on housing prices and landowner behavior in the U.S., as well as local government and property tax reforms in South Africa. It also offers a reconsideration of value capture policies in Latin America so as to enact policies with more redistributive outcomes.

March 2000

This issue features the political, operational, and other challenges of implementing Cuba’s value capture tool, Participación en Plusvalías; the use of land value mechanisms to promote commercial and economic development in Colombia; and new, innovative approaches to solving complex planning quandaries in Italy.

January 2000

This issue explores the public debate surrounding land market regulation policies in Chile as well as shortcomings of, and recommendations for, the property tax classification system in Chicago and across Illinois’ Cook County.

November 1999

This issue explores human rights and eviction issues experienced by Colombia’s impoverished urban populations, the implementation of property taxes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a reassessment of property rights in the age of liberalization and privatization.

September 1999

This issue looks at urban development options for California’s agricultural Central Valley region; problems of, and recommendations for, the property tax system of Porto Alegre, Brazil; and a success story of property tax reform in Mexico.

July 1999

This issue highlights the education of U.S. policymakers and communities about sprawl and suburban growth management; and the need for a more effective land value policy framework in order to provide serviced land to the poor of Latin America.

May 1999

This issue explores municipal forms of taxation—including the hoped-for establishment of a property tax—in El Salvador’s capital; the challenges of implementing land and building taxes in transitional-economy nations; and strengths and criticisms of local property taxation in the U.S.


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