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Cover of the July 2020 issue of Land Lines

July 2020

This issue addresses the connections between land policy, public health, and racial justice, delving into topics including the history of biased housing policies, the future of density, and the applications of scenario planning in a pandemic.

Format: September 2020

October 2002

This issue looks at past, present, and future urban conditions in Cuba; value-based taxation prospects in Lithuania; reviving environmental regionalism in the U.S.; and the challenges and complexities of large urban projects in Latin America.

July 2002

This issue explores the challenges of land and biodiversity conservation efforts in North America; the dynamics and characteristics of downtown areas in U.S. city centers; informal land markets and regularization policies in Brazil; and property taxation hurdles in post-Apartheid South Africa.

April 2002

This issue looks at obstacles to land reform and well-functioning property markets in Russia; land titling programs and credit access in the context of Peru’s informal land market; and challenges and historic roots of property rights and environmental planning in the U.S.

January 2002

This issue explores land use planning and growth management strategies of the American West; recommendations for effective property tax systems in Latin America; and Latin America’s proliferation of illegal land access and informal housing settlements.

November 2001

This issue looks at the impact of land markets and land policies on spatially-oriented segregation in urban areas of Latin America and elsewhere; and the Lincoln Institute’s distance-based learning program on forests that is designed for England’s nonindustrial private sector. 

September 2001

This issue explores “Greater Phoenix 2100,” a smart growth vision for the rapidly-expanding Sun Belt city; development and land use patterns that the Dutch are experimenting with in the Netherlands; and the limitations and future trends of conservation easements and property rights.

July 2001

In this issue, we feature articles on lessons from Latin American nations concerning value capture mechanisms; and the roles that North American universities have in serving as developers and anchor institutions for their surrounding neighborhoods.  

May 2001

This issue explores land laws and illegal settlements in the context of urban development in Latin America; obstacles to the legalization of squatter settlements in Venezuela; natural disaster risk prevention strategies for Latin America; and how market value-based property taxes serve as local revenue sources for nations in Central and Eastern Europe.

March 2001

This issue provides an overview of various property taxation methods utilized by European countries; an analysis of Latin America’s urban sprawl patterns and land regulation challenges; and a look at the planning and design of postwar suburbs and urban areas in the U.S. during the first half of the 20th century.

January 2001

This issue explores the increasingly common and successful phenomenon of urban farming, and the need for more of it, in the U.S.; participatory budgeting and power politics in Brazil’s Porto Alegre; and dysfunctional residential land markets in Texas.


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