Land Lines

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July 2021

In this issue, aerial photographer Alex MacLean documents the growth of urban agriculture, we explore the critical connections between urban planning and water management, and we report on the electric transit revolution underway in Latin America.

Format: July 2021

July 2008

This issue looks at place-making strategies to combat poverty, unemployment, and other issues plaguing U.S. cities; the dynamics and effects of urban sprawl and possible remedies to overgrown metropolises; urban housing informalities in Brazil; and an Arizona-based model for sustainable residential development.

April 2008

This issue explores the impacts of bus rapid transit (BRT) in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, on neighboring land values; and the use of referenda for open space conservation. It also features an interview with a U.S. conservationist about preservation achievements and challenges around the globe.

January 2008

This issue looks at the need for coordinated mitigation efforts to combat climate change in North American cities; inequality caused by widening gaps in assessed property valuation that is associated with land taxation; and hukou-based housing inequality in Chinese cities.

October 2007

This issue hones in on socioeconomic conditions in post-Apartheid South Africa; strategies to improve U.S. state and local finances amid economic downturns; and the effects of urban land use regulations on the price of undeveloped property in Bogota, Colombia.

July 2007

This issue explores the lodging of rural migrants in China’s urbanizing villages; the unforeseen consequences of U.S. property assessment caps; international trends in the use of eminent domain; and planning tactics and aspirations of the European Union.

April 2007

This issue looks at the ubiquity of slums and informal land markets in developing nations across Latin America, Asia, and Africa; the need for a well-functioning property tax system in the Anglophone regions of Africa; and social conflicts associated with North America’s property rights movement.

January 2007

This issue explores the diversity of property rights, public-private partnerships, and other land policies across Latin America; the role of U.S. community land trusts in ensuring the preservation of affordable housing; and an uncommon and controversial use of eminent domain in one New England city.

October 2006

This issue looks at large-scale revitalization projects in London that are benefitting local communities; economic and environmental approaches to U.S. conservation easements; and the use of a variety of economic incentives to achieve land conservation in America’s heartland.

July 2006

This issue explores Maryland’s smart growth programs and a new land use reform initiative that the state is trying out; the costs, benefits, and policy framework of housing demolition and replacement projects; and the effects of informal land markets on property taxation in Latin America.

April 2006

This issue looks at land use efficiency, food security, and farmland preservation in China; and lessons learned about the effects of large-scale interventions on urban development in Brazil. It also attempts to answer the long-standing, critical question of who actually bears the burden of residential property taxes.


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