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January 2021

This special double issue of Land Lines commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, chronicling the organization’s history and exploring how land can serve as a solution to social, economic, and environmental challenges around the globe. From rural villagers in China to tribal nations along the Colorado River, we take a closer look at the people and places finding answers in land.

Format: January 2021

April 2013

This issue explores how, in recent years, the United Kingdom has imposed land-based taxes on the Crown’s properties in order to help fund local public services; the variability of types, and determinants of success, of land trusts in the United States; and an analysis of institutional and legal planning frameworks both here and in Europe.

January 2013

This issue features articles on the use of payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) in Boston, tools to help communities in the Intermountain West plan for climate change and increase community resilience, and bus rapid transit (BRT) in Latin American cities.

October 2012

This issue explores the magnitude of unfunded local government pension costs across the U.S.; a creative approach to environmental conservation and management; and how national land policy in China has become a key driver of the Asian country’s rapid economic growth.

July 2012

This issue highlights U.S. central cities’ fiscal recovery following the Great Recession; a new perspective on value capture mechanisms in Latin American nations; and scenario planning and adaptation tactics to combat the impacts of climate change.

April 2012

This issue looks at preferential assessments as a taxation method for rural land in the U.S.; the recommended use of three-dimensional cadastres as a property data collection tool; and the intricacies of property tax reform in China.

January 2012

This issue explores land readjustment as a strategy for urban development and post-disaster rebuilding; obstacles to economic growth in developing nations; and property rights in Latin America from the perspective of a Brazilian urban law professor.

October 2011

This issue looks at strategies for long-term landscape conservation, scenario planning as a tool for comprehensive community visions on the West Coast, land-based financing for Brazilian cities, and the lingering effects of the Great Recession on U.S. state economies.

July 2011

This issue features the detrimental impacts of climate change on urban development in China’s Pearl River Delta; the dynamics of land value capture in San Paulo, Brazil; and the critical role of infrastructure investments in strengthening the fiscal health of North American cities.

April 2011

This issue looks at the performance of a special assessment tax used to finance urban development in Colombia; varied results of payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) across U.S. municipalities; and the effects of land use and economic change on the stability of North America’s Sunbelt cities.

January 2011

This issue explores the process of instituting property tax reform in Brazil; varied results of property tax assessment measures in two Chicago-area counties; and the fiscal challenges of maintaining affordable housing in China.


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