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The City-CLT Partnership

Municipal Support for Community Land Trusts

John Emmeus Davis and Rick Jacobus

June 2008, English

Based on a review of three dozen municipal programs and interviews with local officials and community land trust (CLT) practitioners, this report describes how cities are investing in existing CLTs and starting news ones. It teaches community developers the mechanisms, methods, and model practices that are being used to guide urban development and support affordable housing initiatives.

About the Authors

John Emmeus Davis was one of the co-founders of Burlington Associates in Community Development in 1993. He previously served as the housing director and enterprise community coordinator for the City of Burlington, Vermont. He has worked as a community organizer and nonprofit executive director in East Tennessee and as a technical assistance provider for community land trusts and other nonprofit community development organizations throughout the United States. He was a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

Rick Jacobus has 15 years of experience in housing and community development, including as a senior program officer for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation and as director of neighborhood economic development for the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation in Oakland, California. He joined Burlington Associates in Community Development as a partner in 2004, assisting in the development of community land trusts and inclusionary housing programs on the West Coast. He was a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


Common Property, Community Development, Community Land Trusts, Conservation, Economics, Environmental Planning, Growth Controls, Housing, Land Law, Land Market Regulation, Land Monitoring, Land Use, Land Use Planning, Land Value, Local Government, Public Policy, Regulatory Regimes, Smart Growth, Suburban, Urban Design, Urban Development, Urban Sprawl, Zoning