Paperback | $35.00 | 360 pages
ISBN: 978-1-55844-142-2

Planning Policy and Politics

Smart Growth and the States

John M. DeGrove

November 2005, English

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Updating his two previous books on growth management in the states, John M. DeGrove examines the history and current systems for planning and smart growth in nine states: Oregon, Florida, New Jersey, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Georgia, Maryland, and Washington. The chapters identify the major policies and political realities that precipitated the adoption of new planning systems, pinpoint the key stakeholders in new legislation, describe the features of various growth management systems, outline the implementation records, and examine the political prospects for the future of these smart growth systems.


Development, Growth Management, Land Use Planning, Planning, Smart Growth, Suburban, Urban, Urban Design, Urban Development, Urbanism, Zoning