Paperback | $35.00 | 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1-55844-153-8

European Spatial Planning

Edited by Andreas Faludi

December 2002, English

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

The European Spatial Development Perspective (ESDP) was adopted in 1999 after more than ten years of intensive, transnational networking across linguistic and cultural divides. However, Europe’s engagement in this type of spatial planning has escaped the attention of most North American and even many European planners. A conference at the Lincoln Institute in June 2001 brought together key researchers and actors involved in this new approach to planning. This book documents their discourse and seeks to provide some lessons for North Americans and others interested in the challenges of spatial planning. Includes a full-color insert of 21 maps.

About the Editor

Andreas Faludi is professor of spatial policy systems in Europe at the Nijmegen School of Management at the University of Nijmegen in The Netherlands.

Contributors: A. Benz, A. Carbonell, P. Doucet, J. Drevet, O. Jensen, D. Martin, V. Nadin, J. Robert, B. Waterhout, R. Yaro, and J. Zetter


Andreas Faludi has worked on European spatial planning for more than a decade, both chronicling and helping to shape this emerging practice. In this volume, Faludi and his co-authors bring this new world to the attention of American planners and land use professionals. The implications of recent European innovations in spatial planning for the United States could be profound."

Robert D. Yaro, Regional Plan Association


Planning, Regionalism, Spatial Order, Urban Design