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Definición de políticas de suelo urbano en América Latina

Teoría y práctica

Edited by Diego Alfonso Erba

December 2013, Spanish

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Definición de políticas de suelo urbano en América Latina: Teoría y práctica (Defining Urban Land Policies in Latin America: Theory and Practice) presents concepts and describes practical, easily replicated experiences in topics related to the definition of urban policies. The experiences are grouped in six thematic areas: urban cadastre and valuations; legal dimensions of land policy; urban financing; geotechnologies applied to urban studies; urban land markets; and urban planning. Chapters are written by distance education faculty in the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean.


Cadastre, Development, Economic Development, Economics, Environmental Management, Environmental Planning, Favela, GIS, Housing, Inequality, Informal Land Markets, Infrastructure, Land Law, Land Market Regulation, Land Use Planning, Municipal Fiscal Health, Planning, Poverty, Public Finance, Public Policy, Urban, Urban Development, Urban Upgrading and Regularization, Valuation