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Estimated Median Gross Rent in Los Angeles County (2012–2016)
Map of Los Angeles County. Areas of darker green, where median rents are %1501 or more, dominate the left side of the map, nearer to the coast and in the downtown area of Los Angles. Areas where median rent is lower, between $826 and $1500, dominate the middle and right side of the map.

As Los Angeles experiences record population growth, more than 34,000 people in the city are homeless, and a total of more than 55,000 people are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. Median gross rent in Los Angeles County was $1,264 in the period between 2012–2016, compared to the national median gross rent of $949.

View the PDF version of this map for more detail and a key.

Source: The Place Database.

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