Kathryn J. Lincoln Succeeds David Lincoln as Institute Board Chair

May 1, 1996

David Lincoln is stepping down as chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy after 22 years of service. Mr. Lincoln became the chair at the inception of the Lincoln Institute in 1974 and has played a major role in its development. He remains on the Institute Board and continues to serve as president of the Lincoln Foundation.

“Certainly the Institute has benefited from David Lincoln’s leadership over the past 22 years, and we count on his continued involvement,” says Kathryn J. Lincoln. She takes the chair on May 1, 1996, having previously served as vice chair of the Board and acting president of the Institute. In addition to sitting on the Institute and Foundation boards, she serves on the Board of the Lincoln Electric Company and the Board of the Chautauqua Institution.

David Lincoln will be the featured speaker at the Institute’s Founder’s Day program on August 1, 1996, at Lincoln House in Cambridge. “It is particularly appropriate for David Lincoln to provide the Founder’s Day speech this year since he has played a central role since the founding of the Institute,” Ms. Lincoln notes. “Who could be a better Founder’s Day speaker?”