Land Matters Podcast

A behind the scenes look at what makes cities tick. Whether financing infrastructure, adapting to climate change, or building more affordable housing, a big part of innovative solutions can be traced back to land.

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The postindustrial city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, developed some curiously 21st century claims to fame. But now the city of 75,000 is setting its sights on new strategies for equitable economic revitalization, as Mayor Paige Cognetti explains.


City and Regional Planning, Economic Development, Housing


Jim Holway, who retired as director of the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy this summer, reflects on decades of trying to solve the puzzle of sustainable water resources in the West, and looks to what the future may hold.


Climate Change, Infrastructure, Water


Record-breaking heat, out-of-control wildfires, and eye-stinging smoke have made the impacts of climate change inescapable for millions of people this summer. Containing the destructive fires is mostly a matter of land use management, says Canadian science journalist Ed Struzik.


Climate Change, Land Use and Zoning


The job of the urban planner is getting tougher these days, as cities confront climate change and a shortage of affordable housing, amid increasingly divided constituencies. Veteran journalist Josh Stephens shares insights from his interviews for the book Planners Across America.


City and Regional Planning, Housing, Land Use and Zoning, Local Government


After leading Costa Rica, former President Carlos Alvarado Quesada and First Lady Claudia Dobles Camargo were ready for a new adventure. Their quest brought them to Tufts and Harvard, where they are continuing to explore the issues that defined their time in office, including small state diplomacy and decarbonization.


Climate Change, Environment, Infrastructure, Land Conservation


As a relatively affordable city protected from some of the worst effects of climate change, Cincinnati is poised for growth. In this episode of the Land Matters podcast, Mayor Aftab Pureval reflects on the challenges he is confronting—including fending off predatory real estate investors—and discusses how the city can grow thoughtfully and equitably.


Climate Change, Housing, Land Use and Zoning, Local Government, Poverty and Inequality


Three scholars retiring from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy - Armando Carbonell, who leads programs in urban planning and land conservation; Daphne Kenyon, an economist studying the property tax and municipal finance; and Martim Smolka, director of the Latin America program - share thoughts on what it takes for a non-profit to have a real-world impact.


City and Regional Planning, Climate Change, Informal Settlements, Property Tax, Value Capture