Nuestra revista Land Lines, que se publica en formato físico y digital, vincula el conocimiento con los principales desafíos globales, mostrando de esta manera por qué las políticas de suelo son importantes.

La recuperación de plusvalías, en simple

¿Qué es la recuperación de plusvalías? ¿Cómo funciona? ¿Y por qué tantas comunidades alrededor del mundo han aplicado este enfoque de financiamiento? Este video explica la recuperación de plusvalías y entrega ejemplos de la “caja de herramientas” que los gobiernos tienen disponible. 

Trabajo destacado

Políticas de suelo en las noticias

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    John Rahaim, San FranciscoPlanning Director

    The exchange of ideas with colleagues and experts made possible by the Lincoln Institute is hugely valuable to me as a planner and someone committed to public service.
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    Luciana Moreira, Belo Horizonte, BrazilArchitect

    I am working together with colleagues to improve the way we manage urban planning in Belo Horizonte, Brazil thanks to knowledge gained from the Institute’s course on informal markets and regularization.
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    Kelsey FosterCivic Engagement Specialist

    Since completing the Institute's course on municipal finance, I've been able to apply financial solutions from other cities, states, and countries to land use and public finance issues at home in New Orleans.
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    Representative Jay R. KaufmanChairman of the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Revenue

    I know that the Lincoln Institute’s Economic Perspectives programs are first rate as I’ve been attending them for years.
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    Andrew Hanson, Marquette UniversityAssociate Professor of Economics

    The Lincoln Institute has been instrumental in shaping my career by facilitating valuable conferences and supporting a vibrant network of scholars with interest in public finance and urban economics.