Rob Breymaier

Rob Breymaier has been working on fair housing policy for nearly 20 years. As the Executive Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, he leads the nation’s most successful effort to promote integration and the affirmative furthering of fair housing in the private housing market. Through the efforts of the Housing Center, Oak Park has established and sustained a racially integrated community that has produced multiple benefits for residents.

In his role as the President of the Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance, Rob oversaw the production of the Fair Housing and Equity Assessment for the Chicago region. This document has been cited repeatedly as a model document on identifying strategies to promote regional equity.

Rob collaborates on many national and regional efforts to promote integration, fair housing, and community development. He speaks regularly about the value of integration and equal opportunity for conferences and forums. He has been published in the Cleveland State University Law Review, provides periodic articles and opinion pieces for local newspapers, and has been interviewed for a variety of media outlets including Marketplace, The Economist, The National Review, NPR, and the Chicago Tribune.

Rob has a Master’s degree in Geography and Planning from the University of Toledo.