Ralph Gakenheimer

University of Illinois, Chicago

Ralph Gakenheimer has a Ph.D. in Planning, and is a professor of Urban Planning. He specializes in urban transportation planning, infrastructure, and urban-development planning in developing countries. Current research is on the structure and future of factors driving increasing urban-travel demands in cities of the developing world. He is preparing a book on urban transportation in developing cities with Professor Harry Dimitriou of University College, London. Other research includes comparing initiatives of various Latin American cities in confronting problems of air quality and mobility. He is the Chair (Président) International Scientific Committee of CODATU (Collaborative on Urban Transport Improvement in the Developing World); Former Director, SPURS Program, MIT; former Chair, International Division of the American Planning Association; and former Editor, Journal of the American Planning Association. He headed an MIT Project on Strategic Planning for the Bangkok Metropolitan Area and conducted research regarding real-estate holding companies in Middle East downtown redevelopment. Recent publications include “Social Effects of Potential Motorization Pathways” (2003); “Car-Sharing Organizations in Latin America” (2003); “Sustaining Mobility During Rapid Motorization” (2002); “The MCMA Transportation System” (2002); “Personal Mobility in the Urbanized Developing World” (2001).