Maureen Clarke

Chief Content Officer

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Maureen Clarke is chief content officer of the Publications, Communications, Learning Design, and User Experience team. A publishing and communications veteran with three decades of experience, she works with leading experts in the fields of urban planning, municipal finance, and land conservation, and helps channel their knowledge to those who can best use it to foster economically and environmentally sustainable communities. She has helped lead diverse teams through strategic overhauls and reorganizations at Google and Wiley as well as the Lincoln Institute. She specializes in creative strategic planning and content development, staff management, and all aspects of publications production, vigilantly seeking to iterate information in a range of formats designed to meet diverse audiences where they are. She joined the Lincoln Institute from Google, where she helped create guidelines and content for Google’s “knowledge panel”—the brief, definitive reviews that appear to the right of any search in the Chrome browser, furthering Google’s mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Previously at Frommer’s, which was then North America’s leading travel guidebook publisher owned by Wiley, she helped develop and implement strategies to meet the growing demand for mobile content, creating new series and first-edition products that would render equally well online and in print. A dual Irish-American citizen, she is a former high school English and Spanish teacher with an MAT in English from Brown University. She is also a historic curator for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, rehabilitating a colonial house in a state park for the commonwealth.