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Strategy Considerations for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funding

R.J. McGrail

Septiembre 2023, inglés

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

As climate actors pursue larger public and private finance solutions to begin tackling the multitrillion-dollar global problem of climate change, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) offers an important first step in the United States, launching one of the country’s most ambitious public funding proposals to date.

Grant applicants pursuing GGRF funding cannot, however, consider this the only solution to the challenges at hand. Rather, communities, investors, and policymakers can and should build on private capital alongside GGRF’s initial public investment. Leveraging both sources will facilitate progress toward climate goals that strike the right balance between necessary ecological preservation and more equitable, resilient economic development. It will also better attract the substantial additional public and private investment necessary for attaining those goals.


mitigación climática, desarrollo comunitario, desarrollo, desarrollo económico, medio ambiente, vivienda, infraestructura, tributación del valor del suelo, impuesto a base de suelo, contaminación, resiliencia, desarrollo sostenible, transporte, diseño urbano, desarrollo urbano, recuperación de plusvalías