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Fellows in Focus: Studying Solutions to California’s Water Crisis By Jon Gorey, Abril 5, 2024
Revealing Who Owns America George W. McCarthy, Abril 5, 2024
A row of homes, green lawns and a neighborhood sidewalk.
Manufactured Homes Get a ‘Game Changing’ Boost in Federal Housing Push By Jon Gorey, Abril 8, 2024
Oji Alexander, CEO of People's Housing+ in New Orleans and a former Fulcrum Fellow, in front of two People's Housing+ homes.
Q&A: Fellows in Focus By Jon Gorey, Marzo 15, 2024
Headshot of Lindsay Relihan
Fellows in Focus: Exploring the New Economics of Downtown By Jon Gorey, Marzo 15, 2024
Two people sit on a square of white paint in a paved parking lot
Getting Smart About Surfaces Rob Walker, Febrero 27, 2024
Photo of neighborhood surrounding downtown Seattle.
How Seattle’s Black Home Initiative Is Addressing Affordability and Inequity Amanda Abrams, Febrero 20, 2024
Photo of residential neighborhood surrounding downtown Seattle.
Lincoln Institute at the 2024 National Planning Conference By Catherine Benedict, Marzo 19, 2024