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  1. James N. Levitt

    Miembro de personal

    Jim Levitt is the director of the International Land Conservation Network (ILCN) at the Lincoln Institute. The ILCN, which Levitt cofounded in 2014, now has partnerships with leading civic sector (...

  2. Jeffrey O. Sundberg


    Jeffrey O. Sundberg is the James S. Kemper Foundation Professor of Liberal Arts and Business and Professor of Economics at Lake Forest College. He received a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford...

  3. Jerold S. Kayden


    Jerold S. Kayden is the Frank Backus Williams Professor of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. His books include Privately Owned Public Space; Zoning and...

  4. Jim Holway

    Miembro de personal

    Jim Holway is director of the Babbitt Center for Land and Water Policy at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. He has 35 years of experience on water and natural resources management. In November,...

  5. Joan Youngman

    Miembro de personal

    Joan Youngman is senior fellow and chair of the Department of Valuation and Taxation at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is an attorney and author of numerous...

  6. John E. Anderson


    John Anderson is an academic economist and an adviser to public policy makers in the fields of public finance, fiscal reform, and tax policy. Dr. Anderson served as a senior economist with the...

  7. José Luis Basualdo


    José Luis Basualdo (Argentina), arquitecto y planificador urbano, experto en planificación estratégica, políticas de suelo y gestión territorial de pequeñas ciudades, con amplia experiencia en...

  8. José María Ciampagna


    José María Ciampagna is a surveyor, geodesist-geophysics engineer, and professor of land information systems at Cordoba University, Argentina. He has served as project manager on various cadastre,...

  9. Joyce Y. Man


    Joyce Yanyun Man's teaching and research interests focus on urban and regional economics, public finance, housing economics, land policy, and sustainable development. She has contributed many...

  10. Juan Ignacio Duarte


    Juan Ignacio Duarte (Argentina) es urbanista especializado en políticas de suelo, desarrollo y planificación urbana, y mercados de suelo en América Latina. Es investigador asociado del Centro de...


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