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Standing Tall

Forestry Practices on Lands Conserved by Selected New England Land Trusts

Jane Difley

Abril 2021, inglés

Land trusts in New England have protected and take part in the stewardship of millions of acres of forestland that are managed for various conservation purposes. Many engage directly in forest management, and some participate in carbon markets to mitigate climate change. Based on interviews with land trust staff, this paper looks at the ways some land trusts implement forest management and how they view its role in their mission. By and large, these land trusts view forestry as a legitimate and useful strategy for managing conservation lands. How they address mitigation of climate change varies across ownerships and organizations. Looking forward, there is a role for forestry on conservation lands and in mitigating climate change.


conservación, ecología, medio ambiente, gestión ambiental, área boscosa