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  1. New Hampshire: Heavy Property Tax Reliance and Longstanding School Finance Litigation

    Documentos de trabajo
    Abril 2023
    Semida Munteanu, Bethany Paquin, and Sydney Zelinka

    New Hampshire does not levy a broad-based sales or individual income tax and therefore is the state most reliant on property taxes. In 1999, New Hampshire dramatically changed its system of school...

  2. What Makes a Fair School Finance System?

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    Mayo 2022

    This working paper explores the complexities involved in defining school funding equity and fairness. In defining what they mean by fairness, state policymakers must address several issues. The first...

  3. School Finance, Spatial Segregation and the Nature of Communities

    Lessons for Developing Countries?
    Documentos de trabajo
    Julio 2001
    Thomas Nechyba

    This paper was written for and presented at a Lincoln Institute course titled, “International Seminar on Segregation in the City,” held July 26-28, 2001. While the issue of school finance...

  4. School Finance Reforms and Property Tax Limitation Measures

    Mayo 2008
    Daniel P. McMillen and Larry D. Singell Jr.

    One of the most controversial issues related to U.S. fiscal federalism is the financing of local public schools through property taxation. In theory, the system follows the principle of matching...

  5. School Finance Over Time

    How Changing Structures Affect Support for K-12 Education
    Documentos de trabajo
    Agosto 2007
    Sheila E. Murray and Kim Rueben

    Over the last 30 years, state governments have played an increasing role in funding K-12 education. This increasing role for state governments has followed the passage of school finance equalization...

  6. School Finance Litigation and Property Tax Revolts

    How Undermining Local Control Turns Voters Away
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    Enero 1998
    William A. Fischel

    The use of local property taxes to fund public schools in the United States has been under attack since the 1970s as a result of reform-minded lawsuits. Court-ordered reforms typically involve a...

  7. Measuring the Impacts of Tax and Expenditure Limits on Public School Finance in Colorado

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    Agosto 2015
    Phyllis Resnick, Charles Brown, and Deborah Godshall

    This research explores the effect of tax and expenditure limitations, especially the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR), on school finance in Colorado. It quantifies the distributional and...

  8. School Finance and Property Taxes

    Revista Land Lines
    Febrero 2016

    Some of the most significant policy discussions concerning the property tax do not deal with the tax itself, but rather with the use of its revenue to support local public schools. This excerpt from...

  9. Centralization of School Finance and Property Values

    Lessons from Vermont
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    Junio 2010
    Thomas Downes

    In June 1997 the elected leaders of Vermont enacted Act 60, potentially the most radical reform of a state’s system of public school financing since the changes in California in the late 1970s...

  10. Enhancing the Feasibility of School Finance Reform

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    Abril 2009

    Reforming state education funding systems is difficult. In this paper, we argue that the probability of success is enhanced if policymakers and reformers have access to a model of the school funding...


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