Our Vision

Communities can navigate an uncertain and complex world and make strategic decisions in pursuit of a prosperous, equitable, and sustainable future.

Our Mission

Improve the practice of scenario planning and broaden its use in communities of all sizes across disciplines.
This community of practice helps to foster growth in the use of scenario planning at all scales. Through research, peer-to-peer learning, networking, training, and technical assistance, we help communities develop better plans to guide a range of actions, from climate change adaptation to transportation investment. In addition to planners, the consortium also convenes researchers and software providers to develop more effective tools and reduce barriers to entry.

Established in 2017, the consortium today includes members from rural, city, county, and regional planning agencies; software development companies; academia; and more. We work to increase the practice, accessibility, and resources of scenario planning for both newcomers and longtime practitioners—and to expand scenario planning practices to rural and suburban areas, municipalities, and other applicable contexts.