Work With Us

We are here to serve our partners in nonprofits, foundations, government, and business through fee-for-service contracts, cooperative agreements, or grants. Our partners have found that insights generated from geospatial data can be particularly helpful in these areas:

  • Strategy development and scenario analysis. We can inform strategic choices, identifying the potential impacts of each choice.
  • Data development, management, and interpretation. We can build and manage tailored datasets for you and interpret them to address your specific questions and objectives.
  • Impact evaluation. We can create a fact-based view of changes over time.
  • Stewardship. We can track protected natural resources, helping you to make strategic land and water restoration, protection, and management decisions.

Everything we do seeks to advance social and climate justice. With a mindset open to learning, we want to fully realize equity and inclusion through our partnerships, our work, and our organization. We believe that when these values are applied, data, science, and technology are powerful tools, enabling everyone to act effectively and with equal responsibility to all stakeholders.

Contact us at to explore what geospatial data and technology can do for you.