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  1. Tierra vacante en ciudades latinoamericanas

    Março 2001
    Editado por Nora Clichevsky

    Vacant urban land is the product of many combined factors, including the functioning of land markets, the actions of private agents, and the policies of public agents, and it constitutes an important...

  2. Urban-Suburban Interdependencies

    Março 2000
    Edited by Rosalind Greenstein and Wim Wiewel

    This volume captures work by policy analysts and researchers in urban and regional planning, political science, economics, and related fields. By looking at issues such as economic interdependencies...

  3. Using Assisted Negotiation to Settle Land Use Disputes

    A Guidebook for Public Officials
    Julho 1999
    Lawrence Susskind, Ole Amundsen, and Masahiro Matsuura

    As land use issues become more complex, it is difficult for public officials to balance the contending forces of environmental protection, economic development, and local autonomy. This guidebook,...

  4. Land Value Taxation

    Can It and Will It Work Today?
    Janeiro 1998
    Edited by Dick Netzer

    Many contemporary scholars and practitioners question whether land value taxation is a serious contender as an important revenue source. But, whatever its political potential may be, economists...

  5. Land Use and Taxation

    Applying the Insights of Henry George
    Junho 1997
    Edited by H. James Brown

    Can today’s policy makers and researchers effectively draw on the ideas of 19th-century philosopher Henry George to help solve 21st-century problems? This compendium presents eight essays by...

  6. An International Survey of Taxes on Land and Buildings

    Janeiro 1994
    Joan M. Youngman and Jane H. Malme

    This study summarizes and compares property taxation and administration in 14 nations, including several countries that have undergone recent reforms. It summarizes and compares the elements of the...

  7. Confronting Regional Challenges

    Approaches to LULUs, Growth, and Other Vexing Governance Problems
    Junho 1991
    Edited by Joseph DiMento and LeRoy Graymer

    Can rival community groups “get to yes” when it is in the public’s interest to resolve disputes arising from locally unwanted land uses (LULUs)? “Not in my backyard” (...

  8. Retention of Land for Agriculture

    Policy, Practice and Potential in New England
    Junho 1990
    Frank Schnidman, Michael Smiley, and Eric G. Woodbury

    The only complete state-by-state analysis of programs to conserve farmland in New England, this book shows that local support and active cooperation of farm owners are keys to success. In evaluating...

  9. Special Districts

    The Ultimate in Neighborhood Zoning
    Janeiro 1990
    Richard F. Babcock and Wendy U. Larsen

    The authors present an informative, entertaining, and often irreverent examination of the personalities, controversies, and compromises that have created zoning districts around special areas in New...

  10. Dealing with Change in the Connecticut River Valley

    A Design Manual for Conservation and Development
    Junho 1988
    Robert D. Yaro, Randall G. Arendt, Harry L. Dodson, and Elizabeth A. Brabec

    In a cooperative project between the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Management and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 19 towns and cities along the Connecticut River were involved...


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