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  1. Podcast: Bogotá Mayor Claudia López, Breaking New Ground

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Novembro 2021
    Season 2, Episode 9 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Mayor Claudia López.

    Bogotá Mayor Claudia López talks about local climate action, land value capture for more equitable urban development, and the importance of supporting women in society, in an interview...

  2. Podcast: Bruce Babbitt on the Climate Crisis

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Novembro 2021
    Episode 8 in Season 2 of the Land Matters Podcast with Anthony Flint and Bruce Babbitt.

    As world leaders descend on Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 climate summit, the critical role of land and water isn’t getting enough attention, says former Arizona Governor and Interior...

  3. Inequality, Climate Change, and the Role of Land Policy

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Maio 2021

    “Everyone should have an equal opportunity to live someplace, to work someplace, to put an oar in the water and pull equally with the person next to them.” — Lincoln Institute Board...

  4. Houston on the Front Lines of Sprawl

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Abril 2021
    Speaker: William Fulton

    A presentation and dialogue with Bill Fulton, Director, Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Rice University.

  5. Podcast: Cambridge Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui on Fast-Tracking Affordability in Cambridge

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Abril 2021
    Season 2, Episode 4 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui

    Home to global tech companies and a record number of millionaires, Cambridge, Massachusetts has been trying to make the city more accessible for all. Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui talks about recent...

  6. Podcast: Coauthor of Through the Roof on How Housing Can Be More Affordable

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Fevereiro 2021
    Season 2, Episode 2 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint and Ingrid Gould Ellen

    Rising rents are straining family budgets now more than ever, says NYU professor Ingrid Gould Ellen, coauthor of the Lincoln Institute report Through the Roof—and the pandemic has both revealed...

  7. Podcast: In the First of 75th Anniversary Shows, An Interview with Bill McKibben

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Janeiro 2021
    Season 2, Episode 1 of the Land Matters podcast with Bill McKibben and Anthony Flint

    In the first of the year’s shows marking the 75th anniversary of the Lincoln Institute, environmentalist and author Bill McKibben breaks down the actions of the incoming Biden administration to...

  8. Podcast: Marking the End of 2020

    Urban Experts Reflect on Prospects for Cities Post-COVID
    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Dezembro 2020
    Episode 17 of the Land Matters podcast with Anthony Flint, Emily Badger, and Diana Lind.

    As the world prepares to bid farewell to 2020, taking stock of an unprecedented year involves both understanding the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic and looking ahead to what the future may...

  9. Property Tax 101: The Mechanics

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Novembro 2020

    This explainer video walks through the mechanics of how the property tax works and why it is so stable and effective.

  10. Property Tax 101: Why the Property Tax

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Novembro 2020

    Why is the property tax the bulwark of local government finance? What is the role of state aid in a healthy property tax system? This video explores these questions and more through the experiences of two Massachusetts municipalities.


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