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  1. Public Registries and Impersonal Exchange

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Dezembro 2012
    Benito Arruñada

    Benito Arruñada, professor of business organization at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, explores how public registries can encourage economic growth and be efficiently organized, to...

  2. Judicial Activism and Urban Conflict in Latin America

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Novembro 2012

    Antonio Azuela, a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, investigates issues and concerns in judicial rulings that have an impact on land use and urban planning in Latin America.

  3. Made for Walking

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Junho 2012

    Julie Campoli, urban designer and coauthor of Visualizing Density (Lincoln Institute, 2007), explores the key components of walkable neighborhoods in a presentation on her most recent book, Made for...

  4. Sustainable Infrastructure for Urban Growth

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Junho 2012
    Katherine Sierra

    Katherine Sierra, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, in the keynote address “Sustainable Infrastructure for Urban Growth” at the Lincoln Institute’s 7th annual Land Policy...

  5. One Hundred Years of Land Values

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Maio 2012
    Gabriel Ahlfeldt

    Gabriel Ahlfeldt, lecturer at the London School of Economics, presents on the digital conversion of data derived from Olcott’s Blue Books, the unique dataset of historical land values, land...

  6. The Great Inversion

    City and Suburb Trading Place
    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Abril 2012
    Alan Ehrenhalt

    Alan Ehrenhalt, former executive editor of Governing Magazine, currently executive editor of Stateline, a news service part of the Pew Charitable Trusts, discusses his book The Great Inversion and...

  7. Planning for the Post-Freeway American City

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Março 2012
    Peter J. Park

    Peter Park, Lincoln–Loeb Fellow and former planning director in Denver and Milwaukee, suggests a new process for dismantling urban freeways that will bring about urban revitalization, as seen...

  8. Property Tax Abatements

    LVT in Disguise?
    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Dezembro 2011

    The awarding of tax abatements is a common strategy by many jurisdictions hoping to prompt economic development and job growth. John Anderson, economics professor at the University of Nebraska–...

  9. The Future of Sustainability

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Dezembro 2011
    Ron Sims

    Ron Sims, former undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as part of the Obama administration, delivered the keynote address at the annual New England Smart Growth...

  10. Effective Practice in Funding Land Conservation for Impacts

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Dezembro 2011
    Jay Espy

    Jay Espy, the Lincoln Institute’s Kingsbury Browne Fellow for 2010–2011, explores innovative new approaches in land conservation that are better positioned to attract philanthropic...


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