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  1. Property Tax Delinquency in the United States

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    Março 2020

    How does a municipality create a property tax enforcement system that is revenue maximizing (property tax collection is as close to 100 percent as possible) but also fair (homeowners are able to...

  2. Implementing Value Capture in Israel

    An Examination of Recent Tools and Policies for Urban Renewal and Earthquake Preparedness
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    Março 2020
    Nir Mualam, Eyal Salinger, and Sarah Goldberg

    The working paper investigates one of the most innovative tools in the existing Israeli planning toolkit. TAMA 38, also known as National Outline Plan No. 38, uses value capture in order to help the...

  3. Household Mobility and Local Government Finance in U.S. Cities

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    Fevereiro 2020
    Wenjing Li, Matthew Cushing, and John E. Anderson

    In this paper, we examine how household mobility is affected by the choice of local government finance method (taxation versus debt finance) for U.S. cities. We develop a discrete time dynamic...

  4. Scenario Planning for Smaller Places

    Aligning Methods and Context
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    Janeiro 2020
    Robert Goodspeed and David DeBoskey

    Empirical studies of the use of scenarios in planning processes have often focused on projects that are relatively atypical of broader professional planning practice, such as large, novel, complex...

  5. Urban Land Value Capture in São Paulo, Addis Ababa, and Hyderabad

    Differing Interpretations, Equity Impacts, and Enabling Conditions
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    Janeiro 2020
    Anjali Mahendra, Robin King, Erin Gray, Maria Hart, Laura Azeredo, Luana Betti, Surya Prakash, Amartya Deb, Elleni Ashebir, and Asmaa Ibrahim

    This paper presents analysis of the fiscal and equity impacts of urban land value capture instruments based on three case studies from the global south. These include the Lideta redevelopment in...

  6. Harnessing Technology to Accelerate Land Protection

    GIS at The Trust for Public Land
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    Dezembro 2019
    Will Rogers

    By developing and using sophisticated mapping and spatial analysis tools, The Trust for Public Land (TPL) has been able to dramatically increase its effectiveness in delivering its land-for-people...

  7. Toward Holistic Landscape Conservation in the 21st Century

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    Dezembro 2019
    Michael B. Whitfield

    In America we enjoy an amazing conservation legacy. However, all of Planet Earth is in the midst of an environmental and social crisis. Here in the United States, observers often see conflict between...

  8. Institutional Investment in China’s Infrastructure

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    Novembro 2019
    Weiping Wu

    Rapid growth in post-reform China has resulted in a high demand for infrastructure and the need for sustained mechanisms of financing. As public finances are already overstretched at the local level...

  9. Are Land Use and Development Changes Associated with Value Capture as a Result of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Investments?

    A Longitudinal Land Parcel Data Analysis of the First Phase of the BRT System in Bogota, Colombia
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    Agosto 2019
    C. Erik Vergel-Tovar and Patrick Welch

    There has been a rapid growth of bus rapid transit (BRT) systems in the world. Currently, more than 200 cities have this type of mass transportation system. Few studies have examined the association...

  10. Taxes and Economic Development

    An Update on the State of the Economics Literature
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    Agosto 2019
    Andrew Hanson

    There is a large literature examining the effect of taxes and tax concessions on local economic development, but the last comprehensive review of taxes and economic development was Wasylenko (1997),...


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