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  1. Urban Development and Land Policy Reform in China

    Learning from Lincoln Institute-Funded Working Papers
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    Fevereiro 2024
    Ayden Chi

    Since China’s economic liberalization reforms took off in 1978, various urban and land policy issues have emerged on the local and national levels. This paper briefly examines issues around...

  2. California Water and Agriculture

    Farmer Perspectives on Water Access and Governance
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    Fevereiro 2024
    Catherine Van Dyke

    This paper examines farmer perspectives on water access and governance in California, with a focus on groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley and surface water from the Colorado River in the Coachella...

  3. Equity in Green Infrastructure

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    Janeiro 2024
    Nathaniel R. Mattison and Kyle McKenney

    Many municipalities introduced their first stand-alone green infrastructure (“GI”) plans in the late 2000s and early 2010s, specifically as a means of achieving compliance with water...

  4. Moving Beyond Conventional Economic Development Practice

    An Asset-Based Framework for Sustainable Communities
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    Janeiro 2024
    Haegi Kwon, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

    Many factors contribute to growing inequalities in the United States. This report focuses on how economic development policies and practices may contribute to more equitable cities and regions. It...

  5. Grandes proyectos urbanos

    Conceptos y lecciones de política en América Latina
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    Dezembro 2023

    El presente reporte aborda el tema de grandes proyectos urbanos (GPU) desde una perspectiva latinoamericana y recoge las experiencias en la región. Desde allí asume una definició...

  6. Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin States

    Challenges and Implications for the Future
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    Dezembro 2023
    Nike Opejin, Faith Sternlieb, and Catherine Van Dyke

    The Babbitt Center report, Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin States: Challenges and Implications for the Future, examines the challenges confronting agricultural producers in the Colorado River...

  7. Toward the Next Mode of Practice for Climate Urbanism

    Understanding and Preventing Greening-Induced Displacement
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    Outubro 2023
    James J.T. Connolly, Isabelle Anguelovski, and Emilia Oscilowicz

    The contemporary practice of green climate urbanism faces an acute challenge. Even as the capacity grows in cities to implement increased green climate mitigation and adaptation measures, so does the...

  8. Assessing Land for Climate Resilience

    A guide to The Nature Conservancy’s resilient and connected network
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    Outubro 2023
    Mark Anderson

    Across the planet, climate change is exacerbating already-critical biodiversity loss that is degrading landscape connectivity, habitats, and livability across species. Motivated by the urgency of...

  9. Land-Based Mitigation Strategies and Their Implications for Local Communities in the Global South

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    Setembro 2023
    Katherine A. Snyder

    Land-based carbon mitigation strategies are receiving considerable interest for their potential to sink carbon or provide sources of alterative clean energy. The actors and agencies in this sector...

  10. The Effects of Flood Buyouts and Green Infrastructure on Nearby Property Values

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    Agosto 2023
    Ryun Jung Lee, Wayne Day, Alexander Abuabara, Galen Newman, and Walter Peacock

    Property buyouts have been widely implemented as a hazard mitigation strategy to relocate residents to a safer location and reduce potential flood damages. Green infrastructure is an established...


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