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  1. On the Waterfront: Connecting Neighborhoods to the Shore

    Julho 30, 2021
    Panelists: Freddy L. Collier, Jr., Kirsten Holzheimer Gail, Eric Wobser
    Moderator: Rick Jackson

    Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail, Sandusky City Manager Eric Wobser, and Cleveland City Planning Director Freddie Collier discuss how three Ohio cities – Euclid, Sandusky, and Cleveland – have taken steps to increase waterfront access.

  2. Rebuilding with Equity: The Future of Smaller Legacy Cities

    Junho 29, 2021

    Join the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and Greater Ohio Policy Center for a discussion of how America’s smaller legacy cities can adopt equitable development strategies to promote economic growth that benefits all residents.

  3. Tackling Climate Change: The Not-So-Hidden Role of Land (A 75th Anniversary Lincoln Institute Dialogue)

    Junho 23, 2021
    Speakers: Sivan Kartha, Michelle Manion, and Amy Cotter

    Join us for a discussion on how daily decisions about the use, taxation, and stewardship of land are opportunities to advance both climate mitigation and resilience in ways that enhance quality of life and place.

  4. Webinar: Federal COVID Relief Funding and Financing Tools for a More Equitable Recovery

    Junho 15, 2021

    A one-hour deep dive into select federal funding and financing resources that state and local governments, non-profits, for-profit businesses, and other related entities can leverage to invest in the people and places that need it most.

  5. Investing in Change(makers): Equitably Developing America’s Small and Mid-Sized Legacy Cities

    Maio 26, 2021
    Panelists: Alison Goebel, Jay Williams
    Moderated by: Dan Moulthrop

    Join us for a forum on equitable development in smaller legacy cities featuring Alison Goebel of the Greater Ohio Policy Center and Jay Williams of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving and former mayor of Youngstown, Ohio.

  6. Instrumentos de Planificación, Gestión y Financiamiento Urbano para la Mitigación y Adaptación Climática

    Educação a Distância
    Maio 17, 2021
    Coordinadora: Melinda Lis Maldonado

    El curso aborda las alternativas que existen para enfrentar el cambio climático desde la perspectiva de las políticas de suelo, con la utilización de instrumentos de planificación, gestión y financiamiento urbano.

  7. 2021 Land Value Capture in the United States: Beyond the Fundamentals

    Maio 12, 2021
    Gerrit Knaap, Nicholas Finio, Enrique Silva, Martim Smolka, Minjee Kim, Daniel Rodriguez, David Amborski, and Ian Carlton

    This course will provide in-depth knowledge on the legal foundations, policy frameworks, outcomes and untapped potential of land value capture instruments in the U.S. and abroad.

  8. Desafíos de las Ciudades frente al Cambio Climático: Curso para Periodistas

    Educação a Distância
    Maio 6, 2021
    Coordinadores: Laura Mullahy, Melinda Lis Maldonado, Amy Cotter, Miguel Jurado

    El objetivo del curso es comprender las dimensiones de los problemas climáticos en las ciudades, así como las posibles soluciones para enfrentarlos, con énfasis en las políticas de suelo.

  9. Property Taxation and Land Value Capture in Africa

    Maio 5, 2021

    This conference, organized in partnership with the African Tax Institute, provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to discuss a range of issues on property taxation in Africa.

  10. Webinar: Land Value Capture and Equitable Development

    Maio 4, 2021

    Join WRI and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy for an engaging conversation with urban experts from around the world to discuss whether and how land value capture can be implemented effectively and in service to urban equity objectives.


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