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  1. 2023 National Conference of State Tax Judges

    Setembro 21, 2023
    Speakers: Paula Randolph, Kirk Stark, Richard Pomp, Ned Chappell, Tom Hoover, Clint Bolick, Andrew Jacobs, David Brunori. Mark Juhas, Lucky Defries, and Kathy Spletter

    The National Conference of State Tax Judges meets annually to review recent state tax decisions, consider methods of dealing with complex tax and valuation disputes, and share experiences in case...

  2. Big City Planning Directors’ Institute 2023

    Outubro 15, 2023

    The Big City Planning Directors' Institute is an annual collaboration of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, and the American Planning Association,...

  3. Innovations in Manufactured Homes (I’m HOME) Annual Conference 2023

    Agosto 23, 2023

    This event is now over. Download the conference summary. The I’m HOME Annual Conference is back! For the first time since 2019, our network will gather in Chicago, Illinois, from August 23 to 24 for...

  4. 2022 Housing Solutions Workshop

    Outubro 3, 2022

    The Housing Solutions Workshop is designed to help small and midsize localities develop comprehensive and balanced housing strategies to better address affordability and other housing challenges.

  5. Scenario Planning for Legacy Cities: A Case Study in Lakewood, Ohio

    Junho 6, 2023
    Speakers: Arnab Chakraborty, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ryan Handy, Shawn Leininger, Director of Planning & Development City of Lakewood Department of Planning & Development, and Alison Goebel, Executive Director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center

    Watch the recording On June 6, the Consortium for Scenario Planning hosted a free hour-long virtual event covering the recent exploratory scenario planning workshop on housing affordability in...

  6. Let Manufactured Homes In: Removing Regulatory Barriers to Manufactured Housing

    Maio 23, 2023
    Speakers: Daniel R Mandelker, Howard A. Stamper Professor of Law Emeritus, Washington University in St. Louis Law School, Ramsey Cohen, Director of Industry and Community Affairs, Clayton Homes, and Sonja Trauss, Executive Director, YIMBY Law

    Watch the recording In this webinar, leading experts discuss why and how policy makers can allow manufactured homes in more places as a solution to the housing affordability crisis. Zoning dictates...

  7. The Effects of Floodplain Regulation on Housing Markets

    Abril 19, 2023
    Speakers: Abigail Ostriker and Anna Russo

    Flooding is the costliest form of natural disaster in the United States, with losses expected to increase substantially over the next 25 years due to climate change and population growth in risky...

  8. Gestión del Suelo en Grandes Proyectos Urbanos

    Junho 5, 2022

    El curso profundiza en y debate las características e impactos de los llamados Grandes Proyectos Urbanos (GPU) y, particularmente, la cuestión de la gestión del suelo en estas intervenciones.

  9. Community Resilience Through Small Scale Manufacturing

    Maio 3, 2023
    Moderator: Sarah Yeung, Principal, Sojourner Consulting
    Speakers: Derek Santos, Executive Director, New Bedford Economic Development Council, Lars Kuehnow, Program Officer LISC, Duluth, Misty E. Beasley, Regional Director MBAC, Akron Urban League, and Audra Ladd, Co-Director, Urban Manufacturing Alliance 

    Cohosted with the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, this webinar will offer a practical introduction to small-scale manufacturing as part of a strategy for inclusive community economic development.

  10. Políticas de Suelo y Acción Climática en Ciudades Latinoamericanas

    Março 7, 2022
    Curso híbrido (online y presencial)
    Profesores: Melinda Lis Maldonado, Alejandro Jiménez Hernández, Amy Cotter, Cintia Fernandes, Daniel Kozak, Demián Rotbart, Heather Hannon, Manuel Perló, Patrick Welch, y Pedro Abramo

    Este curso aborda las diferentes alternativas que existen para la acción climática desde las políticas de suelo.


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