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  1. 2021 David C. Lincoln Fellowship Symposium: Measuring the Value of Land

    Janeiro 28, 2021

    This event provides an opportunity for current David C. Lincoln Fellows to share their research on land valuation methods and receive feedback from valuation practitioners and other experts.

  2. The Road to Revitalization: Economic Inclusion and America's Legacy Cities

    Janeiro 8, 2021
    Virtual Forum
    Panelists: George W. McCarthy, Chantel Rush
    Moderator: Dan Moulthrop

    Join us as George W. McCarthy and Chantel M. Rush discuss opportunities for legacy cities to prosper and thrive through more inclusive economic development.

  3. Webinar: Towards Fiscally Healthy Michigan Local Governments

    Novembro 19, 2020

    In this webinar, the Lincoln Institute will present its research findings and have a discussion among key stakeholders about the issues facing local governments in Michigan.

  4. Webinar: Making Necessary Budget Cuts with an Eye to Equity and Resilience

    Novembro 18, 2020

    This webinar will provide local leaders with tools to make budget cuts that do not disproportionately impact the most vulnerable residents

  5. Webinar: Planning for an Equitable Recovery with Limited Fiscal Resources

    Outubro 15, 2020

    This webinar will explore how legacy city leaders can pursue low-cost, high-impact planning efforts to get on the path to inclusive revitalization and foster a more equitable recovery from COVID-19

  6. 2020 Professional Certificate in Municipal Finance- Online

    Outubro 5, 2020

    Advance your career in urban planning, real estate, and economic development by earning certification in municipal finance

  7. 30 Years of Land Value Capture in São Paulo

    Setembro 21, 2020

    This course will explain the legal framework, mechanics, and outcomes of land value capture approaches developed in São Paulo, Brazil, during the past three decades.

  8. Improving Value-Based Taxation of Real Property in Latvia

    Julho 7, 2020
    Faculty: Albina Aleksienė, Sarmīte Barvika, Paul Bidanset, Andrejs Birums, Aldis Bukss, Riël Franzsen, Rita Pētersone, Ronald Rakow, Enid Slack, Tambet Tiits, Alija Turlaja, Joan Youngman
    Co-Sponsors: Riga Technical University, State Land Service of Latvia

    This workshop provides an opportunity for public officials in Latvia to hear presentations from academic experts and practitioners in valuation, law, and economics.

  9. Gestión del Suelo en Grandes Proyectos Urbanos (GPU)

    Maio 24, 2020
    Actividades previas: 27 de marzo al 27 de abril, 2020

    Profesores: Álvaro Uribe, Camila Maleronka, Eduardo Reese, María Cristina Rojas, Martim O. Smolka, Paulo Sandroni

    El curso analiza proyectos diseñados para promover el redesarrollo, regeneración o reconversión de áreas urbanas deterioradas o abandonadas, la ampliación de los perímetros urbanos, el fortalecimiento de ejes de crecimiento...

  10. Webinar Series- The Property Tax-School Funding Connection

    Maio 18, 2020
    Moderator: Daphne Kenyon
    Speakers: Julie Underwood, Laura Ullrich, Lynn Moak

    This webinar series explores the experience of three states that have enacted various types of property tax limitations and the efforts taken to ensure continued adequate funding for public education.


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