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  1. Economic Analysis of Urban Dilemmas

    Educação a Distância
    Agosto 27, 2016
    Faculty: Antonio Augusto Veríssimo, Daniel RodriguezMarcela Román Forastelli, Marco Aurélio Stumpf González, Néstor Garza

    This course, offered in Spanish, analyzes a number of concerns about the functioning of the cities that can be analyzed from an economic perspective.

  2. 2022 C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program

    Graduate Student Fellowship
    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Fevereiro 2022

    The C. Lowell Harriss Dissertation Fellowship Program assists PhD students, primarily at U.S. universities, whose research complements the Lincoln Institute's interests in land and tax policy.

  3. City of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Reestablishing Affordable Housing Post-Economic Recovery
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Maio 2021
    Hans Thor Andersen and Jesper Ole Jensen

    This study examines the development of the city of Copenhagen’s housing market in the late twentieth century and the subsequent boom and crisis after 2007. It covers the period from 1990 to the...

  4. Development Tax in France as a Tool for Land Value Capture and Social Equity

    Case Studies on Bordeaux and Strasbourg
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Julho 2021
    Sonia Guelton, Agnes Pouillaude, and David Rosen

    In a context of severe pressure on public budgets, aging urban infrastructure, and increasing pressures of urbanization, municipalities, and metropolitan regions on five continents are looking at...

  5. 2021–2022 Programa de becas para el máster UNED-Instituto Lincoln

    Oportunidades de Bolsas para Estudantes Graduados
    Novembro 2021
  6. Confronting “Zombie Subdivisions,” Blight of the Intermountain West

    Comunicados de Imprensa
    Janeiro 21, 2014

    For Immediate ReleaseContact: Anthony Flint 617-503-2116 CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (January 22, 2014) – Vast acres of approved but empty or incomplete subdivisions have become a blight on the landscape across...

  7. Duty to Serve

    The Purpose of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and Early Lessons Learned in Underserved Housing Markets
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Abril 2021

    Freddie Mac and, for even longer, Fannie Mae (collectively, “the Enterprises”) have played an essential role in the creation of the modern housing finance system in the United States. In...

  8. Podcast Estación Ciudad

    El desborde de Lima
    Revista Land Lines
    Março 2021
    Por Jimena Ledgard y Sofía García, 24 de marzo, 2021

    En una ciudad de 10 millones de personas donde el 60% de las viviendas han sido construidas de manera informal, exploramos cómo la especulación urbana impacta a sus habitantes.

  9. Case Study: Informal Settlements and Rights in Conflict

    An Inquiry Case of Guryong Village Land Development in Seoul, South Korea
    Outubro 2018
    Jongwoong Kim

    This inquiry case focuses on the complicated decision-making process of urban development in Seoul, South Korea. How can a controversial slum development project be best planned?

  10. Case Study: “Floating TDR” and Land Value Capture in Taiwan

    Designing a More Effective Land-Finance Tool
    Outubro 2018
    Mi Shih, Ying-Hui Chiang, and Hsiutzu Betty Chang

    This case study tells an analytical story of Taiwan’s “floating” transfer of development rights (TDR) through the lens of land-based finance.


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