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  1. Alejandro de Castro Mazarro

  2. Local Government Finances

    The Link Between Intergovernmental Transfers and Net Worth
    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2008
    Luiz de Mello

    In this paper, Luiz de Mello, using panel-based aggregate local government data from 13 OECD countries, examines the causal relationship between intergovernmental transfers and subnational...

  3. Mobile Telephony and Socioeconomic Dynamics in Africa

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2013
    Mirjam de Bruijn

    This paper by Mirjam de Bruijn examines the development of telecommunication infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa and illustrates the impact with anthropological case studies in four specific...

  4. A New Financial Instrument of Value Capture in São Paulo

    Certificates of Additional Construction
    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2010

    In this paper, Paulo Sandroni discusses a new instrument called the Certificates of Additional Construction Potential bonds (known in Brazil by the name Certificados de Potencial Adicional de Constru...

  5. Land Registration, Economic Development, and Poverty Reduction

    Artigos de Conferências
    Maio 2009
    Klaus Deininger and Gershon Feder

    One common objective of establishing secure private property rights in land, particularly in developing countries, is to reduce poverty. The World Bank and other international aid agencies have...

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