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  1. A Bid for Affordability: Notes from an Ambitious Housing Experiment in Cincinnati

    Revista Land Lines
    Dezembro 2022
    By Loren Berlin, December 23, 2022

    Institutional investors have been scooping up real estate in Cincinnati, then raising the rent for increasingly neglected properties. So the metro area’s economic development agency stepped in...

  2. As Conforming Loan Limits Hit Record Highs, Manufactured Housing Provides an Affordable Alternative

    Revista Land Lines
    Dezembro 2022
    By Jon Gorey, December 8, 2022

    Not that anyone needed more proof of how swiftly home prices have risen in the past two years, but here it is: Beginning in January, mortgages of up to $726,200 will be considered “conforming loans”...

  3. Transferência do Direito de Construir

    A Experiência de Porto Alegre, Brasil
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Julho 2014
    Néia Uzon

    A cidade de Porto Alegre é a capital do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, situado no extremo sul do Brasil. A cidade de 496 km² conta atualmente com uma população de aproximadamente 1,41 milhão de...

  4. 草根的力量

    Informes sobre Políticas Fundiárias
    Novembro 2022

    As communities worldwide make protecting the climate a priority, land trusts and conservancies of all sizes and capac­ities are seeking greater clarity in how to address climate change through...

  5. Conselho Diretivo

    Julho 2016

    O Conselho Diretivo do Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Instituto Lincoln de Políticas do Solo) supervisiona as políticas, programa de trabalho, orçamento e investimentos do Instituto. Seus membros...

  6. Peking University–Lincoln Institute Center Celebrates 15th Anniversary

    Revista Land Lines
    Novembro 2022
    By Katharine Wroth, November 28, 2022

    The Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy celebrated its 15th anniversary in November 2022. Leaders from both organizations gathered virtually and in person...

  7. Mayor’s Desk: Cultivating Climate Resilience in Sierra Leone

    Revista Land Lines
    Novembro 2022
    By Anthony Flint, November 10, 2022

    Freetown, Sierra Leone, is one of seven cities around the world that have appointed chief heat officers as part of a global effort to invest in a climate-resilient future. Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr...

  8. Building Equity

    Equitable Real Estate Development Strategies for Weak Markets
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Outubro 2022
    Erica Spaid Patras, Maria Walliser-Wejebe, and Alison Goebel

    Local public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit changemakers have joined a growing national call to increase equitable outcomes for people of color and low-income residents. The need to improve...

  9. Home Economics: How Manufactured Housing Can Help Solve the National Housing Affordability Crisis

    Revista Land Lines
    Dezembro 2022
    By Jon Gorey, December 12, 2022

    As the housing crisis spreads from coastal cities to middle America, manufactured housing is increasingly drawing attention as an affordable, sustainable option. The national I’m HOME network,...

  10. El escritorio del alcalde

    Burlington, Vermont, busca cero emisiones netas
    Revista Land Lines
    Julho 2022

    Esta entrevista, que se ha editado por motivos de espacio, también está disponible como pódcast de Land Matters. O riginario de Vermont y elegido por primera vez en 2012, Miro Weinberger ejerce su...


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