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  1. Publicações

    Maio 2016

    “Getting urbanization right . . . will require a commitment to deliver basic services to all residents, new and old, to use natural resources more efficiently, to reduce our carbon footprint—and to...

  2. Kits de Ferramentas

    Junho 2016

    Os kits de ferramentas do Instituto Lincoln oferecem a formuladores de políticas, profissionais e estudantes estudos de caso práticos, representações de modelos e melhores práticas relacionadas ao...

  3. Bases Legais da Tributação Imobiliária no Brasil

    Vídeos e Multimídia
    Julho 2016
    Presenter: Cintia Fernandes

    Cintia Estefania Fernandes, Doutora em Gestão Urbana pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUC-PR) e Procuradora do Município de Curitiba. Apresenta as...

  4. Tributação Imobiliária na América Latina

    Base de datos
    Bancos de Dados
    Novembro 2018

    Property tax has been introduced in a large majority of countries, but is structured and administered in a great variety of ways in different jurisdictions. Little information is currently available...

  5. Avaliação e Tributação

    Junho 2016

    The Department of Valuation and Taxation seeks to inform public decision-making on land-related tax issues through research, teaching, and data-gathering. We bring together scholars interested in the...

  6. Erosion of the Property Tax Base

    Trends, Causes, and Consequences
    Maio 2009
    Edited by Nancy Y. Augustine, Michael E. Bell, David Brunori, and Joan M. Youngman

    Increased reliance on residential property to generate tax revenue and soaring property values in many parts of the country have placed pressure on local officials to respond to concerns about higher...

  7. Land Value Taxation

    Can It and Will It Work Today?
    Janeiro 1998
    Edited by Dick Netzer

    Many contemporary scholars and practitioners question whether land value taxation is a serious contender as an important revenue source. But, whatever its political potential may be, economists...

  8. Land Use and Taxation

    Applying the Insights of Henry George
    Junho 1997
    Edited by H. James Brown

    Can today’s policy makers and researchers effectively draw on the ideas of 19th-century philosopher Henry George to help solve 21st-century problems? This compendium presents eight essays by...

  9. Property Tax in Africa

    Status, Challenges, and Prospects
    Junho 2017

    “This one-of-a-kind study is an indispensable source for academics and policy makers who seek to explore the virtues of the property tax. The relevance of this volume clearly transcends the...

  10. Land Value Taxation in Britain

    Experience and Opportunities
    Abril 2004
    Owen Connellan, with Nathaniel Lichfield, Frances Plimmer, and Tony Vickers

    Attempts at introducing land value taxation (LVT) in the United Kingdom demonstrate a long and varied history. Land Value Taxation in Britain considers this history and how LVT may be particularly...


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