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  1. Payments in Lieu of Taxes

    The Boston Experience
    Revista Land Lines
    Janeiro 2013
    Ronald W. Rakow

    Since 2008, Boston has developed and implemented a new approach to collecting payments in lieu of property taxes (PILOTs) from its many nonprofit hospitals, universities, and museums. The program...

  2. The Debt Magnitude and Insolvency Risk of Local Financing Platforms in China

    Documentos de Trabalho
    Junho 2013
    Yang He and Joyce Yanyun Man

    Policy makers and researchers have been debating the financial health of Chinese local government debt after the global financial crisis. However, the lack of transparency makes it difficult to full...

  3. A better way to compare city finances

    Posts do Blog
    Setembro 2013
  4. Slum Upgrading

    Artigos de Conferências
    Abril 2013
    Maria E. Freire

    In this paper, Maria E. Freire discusses the alternatives available to finance slum upgrading in metropolitan areas and large cities. It examines the size of the problem as described by the U.N....

  5. External Assistance for Urban Finance Development

    Artigos de Conferências
    Abril 2013
    Homi Kharas and Johannes F. Linn

    In this paper, Homi Kharas and Johannes F. Linn address two sets of questions. First, what is known about the amount of aid that supports urban development in developing countries relative to...

  6. Addressing Excess Development Entitlements

    Lessons Learned in Teton County, Idaho
    Documentos de Trabalho
    Janeiro 2013
    Anna Trentadue

    While many large and small communities experienced the rollercoaster real estate bubble of the past decade, the explosive boom and then precipitous bust in Teton County, Idaho was unprecedented. With...

  7. Metropolitan Infrastructure and Capital Finance

    Artigos de Conferências
    Abril 2013
    Gregory K. Ingram, Zhi Liu, and Karin L. Brandt

    This paper provides a baseline analysis and comparison of private participation in key infrastructure (energy, transportation, telecommunications, water and sanitation) for developing countries...

  8. Lincoln Institute in China

    Posts do Blog
    Maio 2013
    Marie Howland
  9. Taxing times for cities

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    Dezembro 2013
    Gerrit Knaap and Terry Moore
  10. Strengthening booming cities in developing nations

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    Abril 2013


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