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  1. Equity and Fairness Within Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes

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    Junho 2000
    Frances Plimmer, William J. McCluskey, and Owen Connellan

    This working paper reports on inequitable and unfair aspects in the extant design and operation of domestic property taxation systems in the United Kingdom. It examines previous attempts in property...

  2. Implementing Property Tax Reform in Tanzania

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    Fevereiro 2000
    Roy Kelly and Zainab Musunu 

    Countries in East Africa are undertaking a variety of local government reform efforts aimed at improving local service delivery and economic governance. In addition to rationalizing central-local...

  3. Land Value Taxation for the Benefit of the Community

    A Review of the Current Situation in the European Union
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    Setembro 2000
    Nathaniel Lichfield and Owen Connellan

    In the European Union the extant tax harmonisation across countries is minimal, be it in tax systems or tax rates. In recent years the debate as to whether or not there should be more harmonisation,...

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