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  1. Nuevo libro analiza el impuesto predial en América Latina y el Caribe

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    Fevereiro 2017
  2. Lincoln Institute Sessions at the 2022 IAAO Annual Conference

    Agosto 30, 2022
    Speakers: Margie Cusack, Ruud M. Kathmann, Adam H. Langley, Daniel P. McMillen, Carmela Quintos, Ron Rakow, Jennifer Rearich, Joan Youngman

    The Lincoln Institute will present two seminars at the 2020 annual conference of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

  3. 2018 International Conference on Municipal Fiscal Health

    Maio 21, 2018

    A seminal event in the Municipal Fiscal Health campaign’s trajectory, this conference convenes leading experts, scholars, and practitioners for an international dialogue to further elevate municipal fiscal health as an issue of global importance.

  4. Fiscal health conversation turns to foreclosures, unspent grants and land use

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    Junho 2017
  5. Experts discuss local fiscal health in New England

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    Janeiro 2017
  6. Sharing fiscal data for cities worldwide

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    Outubro 2016
  7. Promoting municipal fiscal health

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    Agosto 2015
  8. Lincoln Institute expands signature fiscal database

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    Março 2016
  9. Cities on the brink: monitoring municipal fiscal health

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    Janeiro 2016
  10. For cities, the doctor is in: a focus on municipal fiscal health

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    Março 2015


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