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  1. Lincoln Institute expands signature fiscal database

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    Março 2016
  2. UN-Habitat, Lincoln Institute to develop global municipal database

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    Março 2016
  3. Cities increasing reliance on fees as other revenues fall

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    Maio 2015
  4. A better way to compare city finances

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    Setembro 2013
  5. A significant database

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    Junho 2009
  6. Land policy tools in Latin America

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    Janeiro 2013
    George W. Liebmann
  7. 50-state property tax comparison study published

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    Maio 2014
    William W. Goldsmith
  8. Significant data

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    Setembro 2010
  9. Advancing innovation in scenario planning

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    Novembro 2015
  10. Easier to get to China

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    Outubro 2013
    Anne Vernez Moudon


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